The handFACILITATOR is useful for rehabilitation of Orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries, Trauma or surgery, Neuromusculoskeletal impairments after stroke, Traumatic brain injuries, Muscular dystrophies or spinal cord injuries, Debilitating diseases impairing hand movement
and function.
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Filling A Clearly Defined Need in the Rehabilitation Industry for Hand & Wrist Therapy

OUR GOAL IS SIMPLE... Design, development and manufacture therapeutic devices by incorporating innovative, evidence based, therapeutical approaches with the purpose of facilitating the rehabilitation process to achieve maximum functional outcome.

FACILITATE REHAB PRODUCTS is introducing a wrist and hand therapy manipulation device that provides both patient and therapist with diverse therapeutic alternatives to retrain the use of the wrist and hand. The device is universally applicable to all patients and proven to improve staff utilization. Patients with all injuries can be set up to work independently with a variety of exercises.

For optimal therapeutic results, The Hand Facilitator is intended to be used under the direction and guidance of a licensed therapist.

  • Helps patients to recover range of motion, flexibility and strength by mimicking movements used in daily life activities!
  • Allows gripping and turning in continuous motion with adjustable resistance in a single direction.
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