The Hand Facilitator can help you regain lost hand function due to illness or injury

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Product Details

The Hand Facilitator is a device that meets all your wrist and hand rehab needs in one single package!

The Hand Facilitator is a single, easy to use, easy to store unit that provides a variety of working tools to improve wrist function and prehensile ability, increase grip size, grip force and dexterity.

Allows gripping and turning in continuous motion with adjustable resistance in a single direction. As gradual resistance builds, the demand and load of the hand and forearm increase resulting in maximum muscle activity. This prepares the hand for more complex action such as gripping and turning against force and moment wrench.

The hand Facilitator makes it easier relearning movement!! Its versatility allows self biofeedback or bilateral work.

  • Allows dual sided manipulation offering an efficient optimal rehabilitation session through BIT Bilateral Isokinematic training.

  • Allows Non Stop repetitive movement. Essential for Bilateral Training: The individual can practice many repetitions of rhythmic movement without requiring full attention of the therapist!
  • Helps patients to recover range of motion, flexibility and strength by mimicking movements used in daily life activities!

Further Benefits

  • Complete portability and wheelchair user friendly!!!! The hand Facilitator connects to an adjustable stand, it can be positioned to work at every height, next to a wheelchair or at any level platform.
  • Can be used by the patient in seating or standing position to improve standing balance during hand manipulation activities.
  • Tools are sized for large, medium or small hands for pediatrics.
  • 18 tools provided stored in a durable carrying case with handle. Some tools provided In pairs for bilateral training. Additional tools available per request.
  • Durable materials 2 years warranty!!!!
  • Green technology 98% recyclable.