"I hurt my hand badly around the knuckle area by accidentally hitting it against a hard object. Though I did not break any bones or have any lacerations, there was a lot of swelling which lasted several days, even though I immediately iced it. Although it seemed much better within a month, there was still a significant amount of pain performing certain motions. And I also found that my hand was weaker than my non-dominant hand. Even after about 6 months, the pain and weakness were still evident.

After some analysis and instruction by a physical therapist, I used the hand therapy device for several weeks. I increased the tension settings as I became stronger. Within 3 weeks of using the device, I noticed a marked difference in both lack of pain and increased strength. Now, several months after using the device, I have no pain and I believe my dominant hand is now the strongest again."

Andy Weighart
Branchburg, NJ

I had a Traumatic Brain Injury. The Hand Facilitator is what I call my personal in-house therapist. You’ll be moving your hand and fingers. As you find the more time you spend, the more effective your hand and fingers are. I felt a little skeptical using The Hand Facilitator at first, but after working with it, I was able to open doors easier and noticed strength within two weeks.

Richard Allen Harper
Southfield, MI.

Amy Maloley, MS, OTR, CHT: Occupational Therapist & Certified Hand Therapist and Julie Chilson, OTR have been using the Hand Facilitator in their practice at Tamarac The Center for Health and Well-Being in Freemont MI.