1. Wrist Bar

Use the wrist bar to improve cylindrical grip, wrist flexion, extension, pronation and supination. Translate the wrist bar action into a screwdriver.

2. Hand Wheels

Improve your patients ability to open and close jars, pills containers, hammering and writing. Use this tool to improve pulp tip grip, tripod grip with ulnar deviation, radial deviation, and circumduction.

3. Finger Wheels

Improve finger distal grip, finger abduction and adduction. Facilitates in hand manipulation, translation, shift and rotation: Improve ability of picking up small objects and placing them in the palm, Helps pencil, spoon manipulations.

Finger Wheel with Pin: Additionally allows training of fine pincer grasp with wrist circumduction necessary for writing.

4. Door Handle

Improve wrench grip and the ability of carrying with handle with the mechanical torque advantage. Facilitates the use of wrench, opening doors and carrying with handle Finger Knob: Improve pincer grasp and the ability to turn small knobs like stove and kitchen knobs.

5. Finger Knob

Improve pincer grasp and the ability to turn small knobs, ex: stove, kitchen Knobs.

6. Door Knob

Improve spherical grip and the ability to turn a door knob when opening and closing doors.

7. Finger ButterfIies

Improve thumb and digit flexion and extension, work on finger press activities, finger push ups, thumb circumduction, Improve digit strength for activities like typing, pushing bottoms, use the phone, an ATM, calculators, clicking the mouse, or any activity requiring individual finger pushing strength.

8. Star Knobs

Train Tripod pincer grip. Facilitate and strengthen finger grip and thumb opposition. Facilitating screwing and unscrewing cylindrical caps.

9. Thumb Screw & Eye Bolts

Improve key pinch, lateral pinch, palmar grip and side opposition: create appropriate opposition forces in a lateral pinch grip by generating sufficient torque from the pronators and supinators. Facilitates key pinch and turning for easier door key use and ignition.

10. Tool Case: Eighteen tools provided

Accessories come packaged in this durable case with custom inserts made to fit all 18 tools.